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General information about obtaining Kyazma's software

Licensing of JoinMap ® and MapQTL ®

Licenses for the use of the software can be purchased from Kyazma. A single license authorises the software to be used just like a book. By saying "just like a book" Kyazma means that, within the licensed organisation, this software may be used by any number of people and moved from one computer location to another, as long as there is no possibility of it being used in more than a single instance at the same time.

Licenses are sold subject to the conditions of the Agreement for the use of Kyazma's Software (example) Order & Agreement document (size: ~160 KB).

Purchased licenses are unlimited in time.


Prices are made available upon request. You can obtain a formal price quotation by filling out the web form under the menu option Quotation. The price depends on the number of licenses ordered simultaneously per software package. JoinMap and MapQTL are treated separately, combining JoinMap and MapQTL orders do not result in extra price reduction. There are discounts for non-profit organisations (universities) and for upgrading from earlier versions (for JoinMap from versions 4.1 or 4, and for MapQTL from version 6). Prices are in EURO currency, they include handling and delivery, they do not include local taxes and import duties (e.g., VAT for the EU), and are subject to change. Delivery is usually with an express courier; if you make use of your own customs broker, then delivery is to this broker's office only.

Evaluate the software

Prior to ordering it is advised to download the evaluation version of the software, and test whether the software provides the functions that you need for the analysis of your data. (Go to: JoinMap / Evaluate, MapQTL / Evaluate). The manuals also provide a lot of information; these are available as Adobe PDF document. (Go to: JoinMap / Manual, MapQTL / Manual).

Ordering procedure

You can order licenses for Kyazma's software by filling out the web form under the menu option Order. After submitting the filled out form, your order is processed, and next (usually within 2 working days) you will receive at the e-mail address you provided the formal order documents (in Adobe PDF format), including the software license agreement, and the invoice (with all payment details). When you receive these documents, you should:

  • date and sign the order form and the license agreement, and send these to Kyazma by e-mail, mail or courier;
  • arrange for the payment of the amount due, as indicated on the invoice;
If (within 30 days) we have received both:
  1. the duly signed order documents, and
  2. the payment of the corresponding amount due,

the software package (on a standard CDROM disk) will be shipped, usually by express courier.

Reseller agent information

Although Kyazma sells directly to its customers, some organisations prefer to purchase Kyazma's products through their local reseller agent. You, as a local reseller agent, can make use of the normal web forms for price quotation and ordering, keeping in mind the points available under Reseller information.

Registrations of Kyazma ®

Netherlands VAT number: NL811805116B01
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce registration number: 09134959
D&B D-U-N-S ® number: 408556582