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Evaluate MapQTL ® 6

You are invited to evaluate the software prior to your purchase to see if it suits your requirements. The evaluation version of MapQTL 6 allows you to test the software extensively on your own data and some demonstration data, without having to obtain an individual license. The evaluation version is limited in some functionality, such as printing and exporting. These limitations are lifted upon installation of an individual license file that is obtained upon purchase.

Instructions for download and use of the evaluation version

  1. To download the evaluation version installer (size: ~3.5 MB):
    authorization code enter the eight characters shown in the image
    and click the button:
    (Refresh image)

  2. save this file in a temporary directory as 'MQ6setup.exe';
  3. run the 'MQ6setup.exe' installation program and follow instructions;
    NB: Do not overwrite your current installation of MapQTL 4.0 or 5!! MapQTL 6 cannot read the version 4.0 and 5 projects.
  4. start MapQTL 6 through the MS-Windows Start menu (standard in the Programs\Kyazma folder);
    (the program may be launched through the installer)
  5. the manual is available as pdf document through the Help menu of MapQTL;
    (you need to have Acrobat Reader 7.0 or better installed on your PC)
    read the Introduction chapter and do the exercises of the Getting started chapter of the manual to get a good impression of MapQTL's possibilities;
  6. demonstration datasets are in the subdirectory 'DemoData' of the MapQTL directory (typically: 'C:\Program Files\MapQTL6');
  7. the evaluation version is limited:
    it loads only the first two numerical traits of the quantitative data file,
    the first two linkage groups of the map file,
    only two populations and two maps;
    copying, printing and exporting are not available.

Version information

MapQTL 6 is available as 32-bit software for the 32- and 64-bit MS-Windows platforms Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Other MS-Windows platforms are not supported. Previous versions are no longer available.