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JoinMap & MapQTL Price quotation request form

How to obtain a price quotation?

  1. Fill out the form below and press the Proceed-button
    (fields marked with * are required).
  2. A page will follow summarizing your input; check this;
    if necessary, you will be able to return here to change your data.
  3. If OK, then you can complete the submission.
  4. In response, a price quotation as PDF document will be sent
    to this e-mail address:
    (separate multiple entries with comma's)

    (If you wish to order, then please go to the order form.)
    (If you are a reseller agent, then please read the reseller information about this form.)

Please, give your name and address data:

To be licensed organisation:
  Organisation name:   *
  Organisation type:
  Department:   *
  Your name:   *
  Address:   *
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  City:   *
  (State/Prov. code +) Postal code:   *
  Country:   *
  Tax ID:   (e.g. VAT, EIN, IEC)

For what order do you wish a price quotation?

Specify the number of new licenses:
  New JoinMap 5 license(s):    
  New MapQTL 7 license(s):    
Specify the number of licenses you wish to upgrade
from preceding version licenses:
  JoinMap 5 license upgrade(s) from JoinMap 4.1:    
  JoinMap 5 license upgrade(s) from JoinMap 4:    
  MapQTL 7 license upgrade(s) from MapQTL 6:    
  (Regarding these 'upgrades':
    - your organisation must have at least the same number
      of preceding version licenses, that are NOT upgraded;
    - they are in addition to the new licenses requested above.)

  to verify the input